Jennifer K

After about a year and a half of moving into our new home my daughter began experiencing the presence of what she called "spirits".  After waking up one morning at 5:00 am with 15 "people" in her room I knew I needed to make a call and that call would be to Carm.  I knew that Carm was a gifted medium and could shed some light on the situation.  We booked a time for her to come in and clear the home.  She spent a huge amount of time going through our home room by room - even closet by closet - clearing it of unwanted energy.  There was a noticeable difference in the home when she completed her work.  It felt lighter and cleaner.  The best part is that she taught us how to protect our home in the future.  We felt safe and empowered.  Thank you Carm for making our home "ours"!