Raise your Vibration!
A 6 week beginning class to Understand the
Energies around us and be in its flow!

A Six week course, February 19th-April 2 (spring break no class)to help you
identify your intuitive gifts, build confidence in the gifts and how to use them in
our energetic world that surrounds us. This class is to help healers and others
connect and use our intuitive side to help yourself and others live a more
authentic lifestyle

• Energy 101 and how to stay in its flow and when you need to protect
• Identifying your gifts as an intuitive being and how to empower them!
• Psychic 101 how to be in the state to receive messages and believing what you know
and how to relate that to others
• Medium 101 how to connect to the other side and be able to best use this amazing
• Practice practice practice with fun exercises!

I am looking for 12 intuitive students because this class will be based on a circle of trust
and intuitive gift building. If you feel you are gifted contact me via info below. I want the
right group so we can help progress the talent of each person and the group. Don’t be
afraid to ask if this speaks to you.

Class fee is $20/class or pay up front of $100 so the last class is free.

I am a healer and have been doing healing, Psychic work and mediumship for the past 7
years and have been trained by the best including John Holland. I want to share my
knowledge of connection to help others grow in their path.


If you are interested in attending, please fill out the form below, and I will be in touch shortly!

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Carmel O’Sullivan