Staying Balanced!

For the past few days I have been experiencing vertigo hopefully caused by a middle ear malfunction called Benign Positional Vertigo. This has given me great insight on how it is to be imbalanced in life. I have to concentrate on every step I take mindfully not to fall and also think about how I will not allow my stomach to be effected by this imbalance. Nausea can set in very easily. 

When I woke up on Monday morning it was like I had drank a bottle of tequila and topped it off with a rum chaser. Neither are good and together “oh boy” deadly. I was literally on the couch all day trying to keep from feeling the rolling imbalance my head was telling me I had. It exhausted me and I slept most of the day. The next day I woke up feeling just a little tipsy but still not well.   I went to a physical therapist who treats this by doing certain head positioning to break up the random crystals that attached to my inner canal causing this insane feeling. It is helping but my epiphany occurred while explaining how exhausted I felt the last two days fighting the imbalance to my Physical Therapist Johnno. I said this is what it must it be like fighting an imbalance in your personal, emotional, mental life and or your surroundings.  Its exhausting!

So think about this how can you resolve the imbalance before it makes you exhausted or fall down (mentally emotionally and more).  I am diligently taking steps to clear this physical imbalance but are you taking steps to clear up your own imbalances.  That is where I feel Healing Touch can help.  It finds the imbalances in the energetic systems and help bring clarity and balance energetically which brings peace and harmony to your bio energetic system.  So I suggest to come see me if you feel off centered, ready to fall down or need a little help standing on your own two feet.   

Call me at 719-492-5254 I would love to help you rebalance your life.

7 Times You Should See An Energy Healer.

Although Energy Medicine is one of the oldest healing professions around, for many generations, it hasn’t been recognized as a valid method for healing our bodies and minds by conventional medical practitioners. In recent years however, it’s been making a well-deserved comeback.

The tradition of the laying of hands as a means of healing physical and emotional woes goes back to the Old Testament, and now people are finding that seeing professional energy healers is a fantastic addition to conventional healthcare choices.

There are many modalities of energy healing, but generally, they all work on the same premise—that we are energy and that congestion in our human energetic system or the misalignment of that energy causes pain, illness and disease.

During energy healing sessions, the healer makes a loving intention for the best outcome for the client. This type of unconditional love is very soothing. After an energy healing session, clients generally report feeling relaxed, clear, warm and like they’ve been wrapped in a soft blanket.

If you’re thinking of visiting an energy healer, but aren’t sure if it’s the right time, here are some life circumstances that an energy healing session can help:

1. When We’re Feeling Confused or Foggy

We live busy lives and a lot of information travels in and out of our energy field and chakras, but sometimes energy doesn’t exit our systems as efficiently as it could. Sometimes we’re in a transition or are healing old pain, causing a lot of congestion in our energy field. This can be frustrating as we can’t access our brain as easily as before. Energy healers have simple techniques for cleaning up congestion in the energy field that can help clients feel like their minds are clearer and easier to focus.

2. After a Recent Crisis or Trauma

A car accident, a breakup, or the death of someone dear to us are challenging things we all go through. But the shock and pain of these events not only affects our physical body and mind, but our energetic system, too. The sooner we see an energy healer and have the remnants of trauma cleared from the energetic system, the less likely the pain of these events will linger longer than necessary and create an environment conducive for disease and illness.

3. After Surgery or a Hospital Stay

When we have surgery, the doctor doesn’t just cut into our physical body, but our energetic field, as well. Energy healers have techniques to seal up any damage caused in the energy field for a quicker and more easeful recovery.

4. When Burdened With Childhood Trauma

Much of our personal programming comes from events that happened to us between conception and age three—so basically, things we can’t remember anymore. But even though we don’t remember these events, it doesn’t mean that they don’t affect us. The way our brain is wired is directly connected to the events from this time. The memory of these events lives in the energetic system and through loving and compassionate energy healing, we can change our present lives by healing our past.

5. In a Life Transition

Maybe you’re changing jobs, changing relationships or taking your life in a new direction. Well, just like we need to update our computer’s operating system from time to time, we need to do the same with our personal energetic system. If we want to feel fresh, excited and ready to adapt to new life transitions, an energy healing session—or a few—can really help.

6. When We Feel Stuck

Sometimes our life is stuck in a rut. Years go by and nothing changes. Everything feels dull. An energy healing session can be like a spring cleaning for the body and mind. An energy healer can clean out all the dust and old boxes that no longer belong in the energetic system and help us feel like we can move ahead with our lives.

7. Any Time

This is the truth: It’s your life. You don’t have to justify why you do what you do. If you feel like some loving energetic assistance, then go for it. If once a week or once a month feels good, then schedule those sessions, because feeling good is good.

I have clients who book sessions because they just want to see me, and then we end up finding gunk in their energetic systems to clear. After the session, they feel better than they expected and are happy with themselves that they took the time to book a session, even though nothing in particular had been bothering them.

So why wait to be sick or sad to take care of ourselves?

Just like we take our cars in for regular maintenance or clean our houses weekly, our energetic systems also need our caring, loving and regular attention.

Any time is a good time to get a little healing for our precious energetic system.



Author: Ruth Lera

Editor: Evan Yerburgh