House Clearings & Blessings

A Breath of Fresh Air

Houses hold the energy of all the previous occupants.  If you have a house that has had sadness, anger and the more negative emotions within, your house needs to be released from that negative energy as it can affect the people living in it. If you are trying to sell a house and its been sitting with no offers, it will help to clear the house. Many people walk into a home and base their purchasing decision on the very first feeling they felt when they passed through the front door. Houses do give off the energy of the past occupants. You always want a first good impression. Clear the energy and place a breath of fresh air so a sale may occur.  


I have been doing many house clearings and blessings for people who have experienced strange activity in the house and worse. I help clear the energy and protect their home from any new activity coming forth. I have also been hired to help owners truly own and set good intentions in their home and release the old energy of the past. It’s like doing a spring cleaning, energetically refreshiing the house for a new life. I also teach the owner how to maintain the energy themselves. I respect all faiths and have worked with Christians, Catholics (I am one) and non faith. 


I charge per square foot and by the hour it will take to get the job done right. Every house is quoted on individual basis. Call me if you need help creating a positive atmosphere in your home or you need to sell and you want a step over your competition!