Carmel O’Sullivan,

 Certified Healing Touch Practictioner, Medical Reiki Master

Evidential Medium and Psychic.


It’s About the Healing of Body Mind and Spirit!

Healer with a Message!

Carmel O’Sullivan has been working passionately in the Healing Arts field for over 5 years.   Her whole life she was told she was a healer by many people but she did not step into her power until she attended a Reiki 1 class in 2012 and felt the subtle energy of the body.   From that point on she was hooked.   She then discovered another healing modality called Healing Touch and found the program of Healing Touch Therapy was where she needed to place her training.  With in two and half years she became a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner, CHTP and began mentoring others in the art of Healing Touch.    She also trained with Raven Keyes in Reiki to be a Medical Reiki Master.  This certification allows her to go into surgeries and hospital settings to administer energy work to the clients who ask her too.   To gain more knowledge of the energetic body she volunteers at UC Memorial Hospital and helps cancer patients and the very ill through hands on healing.     She walks all floors of the hospital from ICU to Labor and Delivery. 


Healing of the spirit is as important as helping the energetic body.     Carmel found through her energy work that she was a gifted medium and psychic.  She practices evidential mediumship work and was master trained by renowned mediums and psychics John Holland and Janet Nohavec.  She is also a spiritual life counselor and her uses her psychic ability to help guide you through your life decisions.  


Healing can occur in so many ways.   She teaches her clients how to understand this energetic world and walk in their Heart Center’s for a better life.     She does group readings, private readings and also teaches meditation and how to connect to your intuitive mind.   She has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Education from California State Northridge and loves spreading her knowledge and gifts to others

She loves what she does and her work reflects her passion